The exterior paint-job is different to the interior in one fundamental way – Life. Since it is open to the elements (air, water, dust, etc) at all times, the paint not only has to be of an exceptional quality and strength, but it has to look good under consistent natural attacks. Again, as with the interior of the house, our strategy for exterior paint-jobs is two-fold


The first phase revolves around discussions about the long lasting options that we as a company have for the exterior components of the house. The preparation is a very intricate process and can have a big influence on the the outcome of the project. This may include pressure washing and/or sanding, and taping. I like to call this the foundation of the paint job. Again, the focus is on maintaining consistency of paint that complements the overall façade and vision of the house. As such only after this is mutually agreed upon (with our team and client), do we move into the second phase.


This is where the actual work happens, and paint is applied to the components mentioned above. What is important here is that the overall picture remains clear at all times, and each and every component is done keeping in mind the vision that it has in that overall picture. We deliver the finish with a finesse that few others can match, and our main objective at all times remains the same – Complete satisfaction of the client!

Exterior Components

The exterior of your home that we carefully pay attention to consists of:

  • BBQ Island
  • Eaves
  • French doors
  • Garage doors and carports
  • Gates
  • Patios, pagodas, decks
  • Playhouses
  • Shutters
  • ​Storages
  • Stucco
  • Window bars
  • Wood siding