We understand how difficult it is to do a simple job as repainting your home; How will you move out all the heavy furnitures? Should you keep the same colour scheme or perhaps change it up a bit? How much will the whole paint process cost you in the end?

It’s a lot to decide on and so it’s no surprise that you keep putting it off, however the team at Best Pro Paint can answer all your questions and help you put your concerns to rest.

We offer you free non obligation estimates in our initial meeting so you can have a fair transparent figure of how much it will cost you. We offer very budget friendly prices as we don’t believe in overcharging and taking advantage of our customers pockets. Our services are all professionally carried out by experienced technicians who take pride in their work.

Then our design team can work with you to give you a free colour consultation, whether you want to keep a humble neutral look or perhaps add some colour and personality we can work with you to make your mind up. If it’s one room or every room of your home, we will plan a colour scheme with you that flows through your property effortlessly. We aim to make your house look bigger and brighter so you are greeted by clean, fresh and welcoming walls every time you return home.

Before the painting begins, your own personal project manager will speak with you about any concerns you may have or if there are any additions in specific you would like to add before the work begins. Our employees can then remove any heavy furniture items and cover fixtures and carpets so that you can relax and let the work unfold.

You can expect a clean tidy result from us every time as we work hard to ensure no paint gets spilled or leaves a messy residue on the walls. Your personal project manager will be present throughout the whole process if you wish to speak to them regarding the progress, your satisfaction is essential to us and we are happy to listen at any time and address any issues immediately.

Once the job has been completed, we will call back within a few days once you have adjusted to your new look so that you can tell us more about your experience and what you think of the final finish or if you feel you need any changes.

The Best Pro Paint team also specialises in painting exteriors of your home. We know how important first impressions are therefore we do exterior paint jobs at a very special rate! We use specialized paints for all weathers that have long lasting results and can withstand a multitude of weather conditions. We also have specialized vehicles so that we can reach any difficult spots to give a flawless finish.

Make the first step and call us today for your free estimation! We can take it from there and guarantee you total satisfaction.

Residential Interior

Our work strategy when it comes to each and every aspect noted above is two-fold. First is the preparation phase…


Residential Exterior

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