Best Pro Paint creates a pristine, durable coat of paint using a triple coating preparation process with 100% solids material and select equipment for concrete floors, metallic floors and epoxy garage floors at private and commercial properties.

Whether you require garage floor painting, basement painting or commercial property floor painting we deliver a stunning and enduring finish that is guaranteed to endure time and the elements.

The Process

Professional floor painting begins with thorough preparation of your floor starting with concrete grinding using high-end equipment to achieve the smoothest and most consolidating surface possible. Concrete grinding is a delicate process that requires top-quality tools, precision management and optimal dust control to achieve maximum results.

Once the floor has been properly prepared for adhesion it is applied with a uniform primer coat as the first stage of the coating process. A primer coat is an essential step in achieving a supreme bond of paint which serves to increase paint durability and even protect your floor. Primer gives paint a higher dry film thickness and coating uniformity as it will not soak into your concrete, granting a smooth and long-lasting coat of paint.

This is followed by application of an epoxy base coat to further reinforce your primer and provide an added element of bonding and protection. Epoxy is one of the strongest bonding agents available and enhances the quality of your paint while giving your floor stain-resistant properties and an easy-to-clean, shining appeal.

The third coat in our complete preparation process is a layer of polyurethane/polyaspartic which adds high-performance, impact and scratch-resistant attributes to your coat of paint. Polyurethane is a tough and flexible material that increases temperature resistance, UV resistance, the appearance and longevity of paint and is a necessary component of a professional floor painting job.

Once your floor has undergone the stages of preparation involving concrete grinding, primer coating, epoxy coating and polyurethane coating it is thoroughly prepared for paint coating. Bestpropaint uses only 100% solids industry grade paint to achieve proper levels of color, definition and durability.

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